Recycle Bin

The AD Recycle Bin is enabled in the WolfTech Active Directory Domain.

Microsoft Documentation:

AD Recycle Bin the GUI way:

AD Recycle Bin from the Powershell command line:

Pretend this OU and everything in it was deleted:

  1. Login to DC as Domain Admin.
  2. Run powershell from quick launch. Right click and RUN AS ADMIN or you’ll be wondering why you’re not getting results.

Getting help:

  • Get-Command *ad* -CommandType cmdlet
  • Get-Help Get-ADObject -examples

Searching for an object named duck:

Output (only last one listed for brevity):

Dan recommends that you add -Properties Created to the end of the cmd above so you can see when the object was created and differentiate it from others of the same name.

Find out what the parent ou of an object named duck was in:


Restoring Duckwall010$ (get-help Restore-ADObject -examples):

Search for everything in an existing OU that was deleted (run this after restoring the OU):